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So you'd like to get to know God...

The decision...

OK, so you've made the decision. You'd like to give God a chance and get to know him. The next step is to ask him into your life with a prayer like this one:

The prayer...

Jesus, thank you for your gift of salvation. I'd like to get to know you personally, and begin a relationship with you right now. Please come into my life and begin to reveal yourself and your plan for me. Amen.

Saying the prayer

There's no special method to saying the prayer. Some people kneel. Some people don't. Some say it out loud. Others say it silently. It's not really the words or the way you say it that counts, but the feeling behind it and the fact that you're doing it. Just know that however you said it, God heard it.

The form...

Now that you've begun a relationship with God, tell us a little about yourself. Answer as much or as little as you'd like. We'd just like to know if anyone has found God through our pages. When you fill it out, you'll be presented with a link to a page containing resources for new Christians. Please don't fill this form out if you are already a christian and have just stumbled on this page. If you are just looking to provide feedback, please use the form provided for that purpose.
Contact info:
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Background info:
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Highest level of education completed:
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How strongly do you believe that God will begin to reveal himself in your life?
Do you have any questions about Jesus?
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