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A quick rundown of what UCF believes.

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Our Mission

The mission of University Christian Fellowship (UCF) is to proclaim Christ boldly to a lost and ignored generation, while being a vehicle for dynamic relationship with God and each other.

Tenets of Faith and Practice of the Fellowship (Our beliefs).

The following tenets of faith and practice compose the doctrinal beliefs and practices that give this fellowship its distinctive testimony and comprise the life and ministry skills that we shall endeavor to model and impart to our membership.

  1. We believe that God is eternal, infinite, unchangeable, and perfect in every way. For all eternity He is the one true God who has revealed himself as Father, Son (The Word), and Holy Spirit.
  2. We believe that the Kingdom of God is everlasting. All things were created, are held together, and sustained by the eternal Word of God.
  3. We believe that Satan, created as a good and powerful angel, rebelled against God, taking a third of the angels with him. He actively opposes the rule and reign of God, as he establishes a kingdom of darkness and evil.
  4. We believe that God, for His good pleasure, created man in His image to care for and rule over creation. Deceived by the Serpent, Adam and Eve obtained the knowledge of good and evil, and thereby fell under the curse of God. Human beings are all born into and subject to this curse as the natural order of life.
  5. We believe that God exercised His rule, and revealed His desire for relational restoration, through historical agreements with His people. Through these covenants, God revealed His grace and redemptive purposes for mankind.
  6. We believe that the Old Testament law provides a revelation of God's will and desire for His people. As such, it delineates boundaries of right relationship and behavior while bringing an outward order to individuals and societies.
  7. We believe that God provided for the restoration of His created purposes for mankind through the life and obedience of the Second Adam, the Son of God and Son of Man, Jesus Christ. Conceived of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God transitioned into flesh as the anointed One of the Father, going about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him. He lived a sinless life of obedience to the Father, marked by love, grace, forgiveness, power, healing, miracles, and deliverance. Jesus was beaten, scourged, humiliated, crucified, and was raised from the dead, as He gave his life so we might truly experience freedom from our sin, direct relationship with God and man, and a blessed victorious life. Jesus Christ appeared that he might destroy the work of the devil. Like Him, we are empowered and expected to engage demonic forces in spiritual conflict.
  8. We believe that on the Day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out on the church in power, according to the word of the prophets. Jesus baptized believers in the Holy Spirit to empower them: to be witnesses, to proclaim the Word of God, and to do the works of Christ.
  9. We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer and that He is our Helper, Teacher, and Guide. We believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit for ministry today, with speaking in tongues as the initial physical evidence. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit and in the exercise of all the gifts of the Spirit. We practice the laying on of hands for the empowering of the Holy Spirit, for healing, for deliverance, and for recognition and empowering of those who lead and serve the church.
  10. We believe that the Holy Spirit inspired the human authors of the Bible so that the original manuscripts are without error. We recognize the Old and New Testaments as our rule of faith and practice.
  11. We believe in one universal church, which is the living Body of Christ. All who enter into relationship with Jesus are part of His Body, of which He is the head and we are members.
  12. We believe in and practice water baptism by immersion. As an act of obedience, it is an outward expression of an inward work of God in the believer.
  13. We believe in and regularly share communion to remember Christ's suffering and death. It is a symbol of the New agreement between God and man.
  14. We believe that the Kingdom of God has come through the ministry of Jesus Christ, that it continues through the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church, and that it will be fully realized in the visible and victorious return of Jesus.

Our Values.

Our values are:

We value the process of knowing God. We recognize his rule and reign over the earth and our lives. We submit to his will above our own and value his leadership and guidance.
We value the process of knowing ourselves. We recognize this can only be accomplished by the interaction and revelation of God in our lives. We seek this understanding through one another, the scriptures, and prayer.
We value being like Christ. We ask for the same Spirit who empowered Jesus to live his life to empower us. We want to be like the Savior, who is our example. (Acts 10:38)
We value the leading of the Holy Spirit. We want to be a people who mature to the simple understanding of hearing and doing.
We value the grace of God. We encourage all to receive freely of a grace that is greater than we think. We endeavor to minister this grace to one another and to a lost world.
We value people. We look to provide an atmosphere where individuals from all walks of life will feel comfortable, and to provide ministry to as many people groups as possible while still maintaining effectiveness.
We value the supernatural. We have an expectation for the supernatural to become a normal part of our everyday lives. We make ourselves available to God for such purposes to accomplish his will in and through our lives.
We value worship. We see worship as a means of: ascribing worth to God, thanksgiving, celebration, praise, adoration, communication, and spiritual warfare.
We value discipleship as God's means of building the church. We encourage and disciple those who have a relationship with Christ to find a deeper place of commitment and challenge with God.
We value relationships with both God and man. We recognize both eternal and temporal relationships, giving priority to those which are eternal but at the same time maintaining those which are temporal. We work to lead unbelievers into relationship with Christ, and lead believers into a more meaningful place with God.
We value the Body of Christ. We recognize our place within that body and work to develop individuals locally to find their place with their gifts and callings. We seek to encourage other parts of the body of Christ, recognizing when one member suffers we all suffer, but when the body is strong we all are strong.
We value communication with God and each other. We seek to build lines of wholesome and meaningful dialog which produces more stable and merciful relationships.
We value being real. We choose not to be fake or anything we are not. We choose instead to present ourselves honestly to God, each other, and those we meet. We seek to be people pursuing God in a way others can understand and be comfortable with.
We value faithfulness. We commit to one another and to God in relationships of honesty, integrity, and service. We expect accountability inside and outside of the local church.
We value oneness. We recognize a difference between oneness and sameness. While we desire to function as one, we accept our diversity and find joy in it.

Our Priorities.

  • The Word- Every believer needs a foundation in the Word to know God, God's will, and his/her purpose.
  • Fellowship- Every believer needs relationships with others in order to grow and become the man or woman God desires him/her to be. These relationships should be spiritually productive, while at the same time socially satisfying.
  • Worship- Worship, including prayer, is foundational to the expression of our desire and love to God. Participation in worship breaks down barriers between people, and also between us and God.
  • Training- Each person must discover his/her giftings, talents, abilities, call, and burden. Training provides opportunities for preparation to fulfill God's will in and through a person's life.
  • Sending- UCF seeks to build an expectation to be sent and to serve God throughout the USA and the world. Sending is a basic function of the church as individuals discover calls and burdens.


To build a body of disciples who are responsive to the Word of God in reaching the unchurched of the Westcott community of Syracuse.
To encourage and train individuals to accept ministry opportunities within and beyond the local church.
To provide opportunities for growth through discipleship classes, bible studies, worship, prayer, bible teaching/preaching, and evangelism.
To bless the Body of Christ through conferences and retreats sponsored by UCF.
To positively impact the community in both word and deed. To be a sending and planting church. To reach the Syracuse University community with a relevant message of hope and relationship with Christ.
To provide opportunities for fellowship and relationship building.

Our Vision

UCF will be a place where the unchurched are comfortable but challenged toward relationship with Christ.
UCF will be a place of loving and mature relationships where healing and restoration are commonplace both in and out of meetings.
UCF will be a place where families are restored, marriages are healed, and where the hearts of the children are turned toward their parents.
UCF will be a place of freedom for the captive, and rest for the weary.
UCF will be a place where the unfaithful are encouraged and the faithful are discipled.
UCF will be a hub for specific ministries to the community, including: youth ministry, computer ministry, ministry to families, ministry to single professionals, ministry to children, and community service projects.
UCF will sponsor retreats, seminars, conferences, and training courses to benefit the Body of Christ and train workers for service in the Kingdom.
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