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Friday, January 18th

Crunch Game

Come see brutal checking and flying rubber pucks! Sticks swinging like crazed swashbuckler swords! Blood bouncing on the ice! No. Just come watch a nice peaceful hockey game with us.
Where: We will be meeting at Onondaga County War Memorial

Sunday, February 3rd

Annual Sue-poor Bowl-party

Come eat some pizza and wings with us at our annual party that coincidentally happens at the same time as a major sporting event. Which major sporting event? A major one! One so major that the football teams can afford to employ hordes of evil trademark lawyers capable of suing our tiny church back to the trailer park! Despite all of this, we'll be watching it together anyway, on a tiny fifteen inch monitor that just happens to get projected onto our giant screen. Oops.
Where: We will be meeting at UCF's church on Westcott Street

Saturday, February 16th

Ice Skating

Driveway not slick enough for you? Come on downtown with us and do some ice skating. No body checks or high sticks.
Where: We will be meeting at Clinton Square Ice Rink

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