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About Sunday Service

Sundays at 10:00am, 512 Westcott St., Syracuse, NY

UCF's main service is at 512 Westcott St, Sundays, starting at 10:00am. Yes, 10am is pretty early, but you won't be sorry. Rather than opt for the typical church schedule of an early service, attended by the pastor and whoever couldn't sleep the night before, and a late service, attended by a bunch of people tired from waiting all day to go to church, we decided to have a kind of early service, which allows us all to be together as a community of believers. Come see it for yourself. It's really informal and friendly and doesn't drag on too long. We have our own small band to lead worship, and people of all ages and backgrounds. You're sure to fit in.

For a sampling of what one of our services sounds like, try our online church service recordings. Listening should be easy, because your computer probably already has the right software for it.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about us and our service. Very enlightening.

Here is our order of worship, in case you're looking for a walk-through of the different parts of our extremely groovy church service. It'll do a good job of letting you know what to expect before you come visit us.

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