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"Do I feel that my kids are safe at UCF? Absolutely. There is a tag system for the younger children ages 0-5 yrs. Only the person with a matching tag and signature can pick up their child. The staff are all screened and trained with the Red Cross in CPR and First Aid. Also, permission slips for outings have detailed information for both parent (locations and times) and staff (release signatures and doctor information).

The children's program is visitor friendly. First timers feel welcome without pressure. Kids and families are greeted and told 'We are glad you came to visit'. Kids are given a small token to remember their visit and an option to go out to lunch to get to know some of the staff and new friends better. My children love to go to UCF Kids because they have fun while they are learning."


Target Ages:
Infant - Three Years

Care Times:
Sundays 10 AM - 12 Noon

UCF Nursery
512 Westcott St., Syracuse, NY

A place of love and acceptance for your child to be cared for during the weekly church service.


Target Ages:
Three Years - Five Years
Care Time:
Sundays 10 AM -12 Noon
Church Education South
512 Westcott St., Syracuse, NY
A time designed for pre-schoolers to learn more about themselves, Jesus, and others.

For more information contact: Martha Stansberry


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